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If you have any questions about our Vancouver B Corp community and B Locals, please don’t hesitate to ask. We’re always looking for new ways to engage the community!

General inquiries

Carla Heim & Michelle Reid

  • Questions regarding B Corp & B Local
  • Joining the B Local Vancouver Board
  • Becoming B Corp certified

Event inquiries

Events Team

  • Presenting at a Vancouver B Local
  • Partnering with the B Local Vancouver Board for events

Communication inquiries

Communications Team

  • Adding events to the calendar
  • B Local Newsletter / LinkedIn Page
  • Sharing B Corp news

Partnership inquiries

Partnerships Team

  • Partnerships between non-B Corp organizations & the Vancouver B Corp community
  • B Economy & community engagement
  • Media opportunities

Membership inquiries

Membership Team

  • Supporting newly certified B Corps
  • Getting involved in your B Corp community