B Local Meeting - October 2018


B Corp Champions Retreat Takeaways

Equity, Diversity & Inclusion (EDI)

For many, the most impactful topic of this year’s retreat was the discussion around EDI. Even though more and more companies are taking steps to insure their workplace is diverse and inclusive, it can be difficult to gauge the success of these efforts.

This really hit home when B Lab released the following report about their own EDI initiatives. One of the Co-Founders of B Lab, Jay Coen Gilbert, was stunned to learn that “only 57 percent of B Lab’s staff who are people of color feel they can bring their whole selves to work, compared with 96 percent of their white coworkers”. For many, this was a sobering but much-appreciated revelation. However, it’s clear that these results have only fueled B Lab’s determination to create an inclusive workplace - and to have this vision echo throughout the B Economy.

During our B Local meeting, many said that it was only after attending the Champions Retreat that they truly understood the principles of EDI, which shows just how impactful the conference was. Many explained that they’ve gained a whole new understanding that creating an inclusive workplace is an ever-evolving and continual process. They also appreciated B Lab’s admittance to institutional bias, as it has given them the confidence to address their own potential biases.

Now this is what I call a successful Champions Retreat! Moving forward, let’s put these concepts into action. Please keep informing our community of upcoming EDI events and resources so that we can continue to step outside of our comfort zones, face the reality of institutional bias, and strive for a more inclusive economy.

One of Our Own: A 2018 B Economy Leader

Carla Heim, Senior Advisor of Social Entrepreneurship at BDC, was awarded the 2018 B Economy Award for her commitment to growing the B Corp movement. Carla is a familiar face at our monthly B Local meetings and has also played a major role in our Western Canada BLDs for the past three years. Outside of our B Local community, she hosts regular workshops across Canada that help companies become B Certified. In Vancouver, these include the Measure What Matters 101 workshops, the B Corp Masterclass, and the Impact 6 Pack series, in partnership with the Vancouver Economic Commission and co-hosted with Kristy O’Leary, Cove Continuity Advisors.

Inclusive Economy

We also briefly discussed some of the current inclusive economy initiatives. Please see the links below for more details!

Vote Every Day - B Corp Brand Campaign

Rhino Foods - Income Advance Program

Benefit Corporation Legislation

The Benefit Corporation Legislation has been a hot topic of discussion, especially following last spring’s BLD. For those of you who missed it, Andrew Weaver, Leader of the Green Part of BC, joined us to discuss the current initiative to have the Benefit Corporation legislation passed in BC. It has already passed it’s second reading, and now we are waiting for the final vote, this October. If all goes well, BC will be the first jurisdiction in the entirety of the Commonwealth where an organization can classify itself as a Benefit Corporation, legally allowing it to commit itself to maximizing stakeholder value in addition to shareholder value.

For more information, here is a recording from May that dives into why this legislation is important for Canada and the B Corp Movement.

This page explains the difference between a Benefit Corporation and a Certified B Corp.

Brooke Thompson