B Local Meeting - March 2019


Thank you to this month’s guest speaker: Darian Kovacs, Founding Partner, Jelly Digital Marketing.

Social Media Strategies for Increased Engagement

In the age of social media, the 20-second elevator pitch has become 5. This month, Jelly Digital Marketing checked in to give us some tips on how to create “thumb stopping” content.

1. Tell a story, not a sales pitch

Spending more money on advertising no longer guarantees a higher return on investment. With the rise of social media, marketing and PR strategies have become more complex, where a balance of Paid, Earned, Shared, and Owned media is key in optimizing engagement; this holistic approach is known as the PESO model. So, why is this good news?

You can create incredibly engaging content, even on a tight budget.


It’s all about the story you tell. The more senses you target - sight, touch, taste, hearing - the more engaging it’ll be. To explore this idea, Jelly provided an example: imagine you are developing a campaign for a water park. Since the appeal of water parks is having fun while getting wet, you want to capture this in your campaign. However, instead of paying for an advertisement that has no guarantee of being watched, why not opt for a more creative, budget-friendly approach? Consider this campaign: free tickets to the water park are placed around the city - but to get them, you have to get soaked! Imagine participants having to run through sprinklers, jump into a fountain, or apple-bob to get to the tickets! All of these action moments can easily be caught on camera and spread like wildfire through social media, capturing the story of a fun-filled day at the water park.

Quick Sensory Checklist - Does this campaign convey what a water park feels like? Looks like? Sounds like?

  1. Touch: everyone who participates ends up soaked

  2. Sight: people having fun, tapping into their inner child

  3. Hearing: laughter and delight as people race through sprinklers

This kind of thumb-stopping, unique content can generate an incredible level of engagement - and most of it organically! With a simple picture or quick video of this campaign, you target multiple senses and create an atmosphere of joy and spontaneous fun - all of which can be shared rapidly across mainstream platforms. This is the power of shared media!

2. Aim for raw & authentic content - especially videos

If you use social media, chances are you’ve noticed the rise of stories. Whether it’s Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, or YouTube, most social media platforms have introduced these short videos that create high levels of engagement, while needing very little resources. Here are 3 reasons why stories are so successful:

  1. It’s a chance to connect with your audience on a more personal level and give them a behind-the-scenes look into your brand

  2. It’s a great way to reward your followers by offering exclusive promo codes or flash sale notifications in your stories

  3. You can regularly keep in touch with your audience without exhausting your resources

Jelly informed us that Instagram is currently the top platform for stories, but that it’s still important to choose the right channel for your business. Keep in mind, though, that too much production may make your stories seem unauthentic and turn viewers away. In this case, raw and relatable material is gold!

Additional Resources

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Brooke Thompson