Resources for Prospective B Corps


Interested in the B Corp movement? Looking for expert advice? We’re here to help! There are plenty of resources and events dedicated to helping you achieve B Corp certification. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to our Growth Chair for more information.


Programs & Workshops


B Corp 101 Workshop

Format: 3 hour workshop

This workshop introduces the B Corp values and certification process, perfect for entrepreneurs hoping to learn more about the best strategies for certification. Though it’s primarily targeted towards those who have yet to begin their certification process, this workshop is also a great opportunity for anyone looking for clarification on the B Impact Assessment, as it is run by two B Corp experts: Carla Heim, Senior Advisor of Social Entrepreneurship, BDC, and Kristy O’Leary, Director of Impact, Cove Continuity Advisors.

During the workshop, attendees will complete an “impact health check” of their businesses to assess their current strengths and determine areas for improvement. These impact areas include environment, governance, community, workers, and customers.

Upcoming dates:

Kelowna: November 4 (1 pm - 4 pm) - Eventbrite coming soon!

Toronto: September 26 (9 am - 12 pm), November 20 (9 am - 12 pm)

Vancouver: September 12 (1 pm - 4 pm), October 10 (1 pm - 4 pm), November 22 (9 am - 12 pm)


Growth for Good

Format: Series of high-level workshops

Offered by Transformation Catalyst

An advanced group coaching program for North America’s big-thinking entrepreneurs who are leading the change towards purposeful and profitable business practices. The Growth for Good™ Program (click to request more information) is specifically designed for experienced entrepreneurs who have already achieved a sustained level of success in their business. These same entrepreneurs share an insatiable drive to create even more value through their business, for themselves, their families, their teams, their communities, and possibly even the world. They want to create meaningful change for good. [source]

Impact 6 Pack

Format: 8 week program consisting of 6 full-day workshops

Impact 6 Pack is a series of facilitated workshops that help British Columbia’s up-and-coming entrepreneurs develop robust impact strategies. During this program, Kristy O’Leary (Cove Continuity Advisors) navigates a small cohort of entrepreneurs through the intricate process of impact planning, while also providing insight on effective communication and networking. Experts from successful impact businesses - a.k.a. B Corps and the B Corp-ish! – add value to the cohort by sharing their knowledge, expertise and passion for the rising inclusive economy.

Check out the course modules here.

Upcoming dates:

Vancouver: September 24 - December 3, October 3 - December 12

For more background information about the B Corp certification process and its requirements, please check out To begin the full assessment, you can create an account here.


Other Resources