Version 6 of BIA - Public Comments Open

B Lab is requesting feedback on version 6 of the B Impact Assessment. The alpha and beta testing phase is open until November 16th, so there’s a month left to get your review in! The data you provide will assist B Lab as they tailor the updated scoring model for v6.

Learn how you can provide commentary here.

There will be a webinar discussing the update. Join the webinar live or receive the recording of it by registering here.

Key Changes

B Lab has drawn attention to the following changes:

A new operations section under Customers (Customer Stewardship) featuring questions on topics like Product / Service Warranties, Accreditations and Certifications, Satisfaction, Feedback and Complaint Channels, and Data Usage.

More detailed questions on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion have been added around inclusive workplace practices and quantitative diversity questions have been disaggregated to create a more detailed, consistent, and globally relevant set of metrics.

A broader life cycle approach has been adopted to questions about managing the environmental impact of a company’s supply chain, with new elements of environmental impact like biodiversity explicitly included.

New drafts of Local Economic Development and Designed to Conserve Impact Business Models have been developed to make their structure more consistent with other Impact Business Models in the BIA.