Social Procurement Framework - City of Vancouver Survey

Source: Ms. Kim Buksa, Sustainable & Ethical Procurement Manager (Supply Chain Management, City of Vancouver)

“The City of Vancouver intends to update its procurement process with a Social Value Procurement Framework, which will drive social sustainability while ensuring best value from our business partners. 

The objectives of the Framework are to increase economic opportunities by diversifying the supply chain with social value businesses and improve economic independence through workforce diversity.  An anticipated outcome of the Framework is to grow and develop the social economy by building capacities and partnerships across business sectors. 

The term “social value businesses,” also known as “diverse suppliers,” refers to businesses that have a recognized certification and/or are owned or controlled by equity-seeking populations, including but not limited to non-profits/charities (social enterprise), coops, women, Indigenous persons, people with disabilities, ethno-cultural (newcomer, immigrant, visible minority) persons, and LGBTQ+ people. 

The City may pursue social value businesses as the vendor and/or have a vendor partner with social value businesses in fulfilling the services to the City; however, the City needs to know the capabilities and availability of you and your social value business!

Please spread the news and take this opportunity to spend 15 minutes telling the City about your business services and/or products by completing their online request for information.

(All businesses are invited to participate; you do not need to be located in Vancouver or Metro Vancouver)

Thank you, on behalf of the Sustainable and Ethical Procurement Manager at the City of Vancouver!”