B Local Communities

B Locals are place-based communities of people using business as a force for good™. At the core of every B Local are Certified B Corporations®—for-profit companies that use the power of business to create a shared and durable prosperity for all. Led by passionate volunteers, B Locals exist to create connections, increase the positive impact of their B Corp community, and raise awareness of the B Economy.

Business as a force for good

B Corporations value accountability and transparency above all else. With their commitment to positive social and environmental impact, not only are they setting new standards for triple bottom line companies, but they're also acting as leaders for the next generation of entrepreneurs. By propelling this movement of business as a force for good, we hope that B Corps will one day be the norm instead of the exception! 



Our Community Ground Rules

  • Speak from personal experience

  • Lead with inquiry

  • Move up, move up

  • Value diverse perspectives

  • Get comfortable with discomfort

  • Acknowledge the difference between intent and impact

  • Maintain confidentiality


B Local Vancouver Board

The B Local Vancouver Board is a team of dedicated volunteers committed to the growth and prosperity of our local B Corp community. Our goal is to engage Vancouver and Western Canada unlike ever before through new partnerships, more purposeful events, and increased learning opportunities.


Carla Heim, BDC

Co-Committee & Growth Chair

Michelle Reid, Mills Office Productivity

Co-Committee & Co-Events Chair

Elyse Crowston, Renewal Funds

Co-Events & Co-Communications Chair

Brooke currently works for BDC as Administrative Assistant to the Senior Advisor of Social Entrepreneurship. Her main role is supporting events in Western Canada that centre around social entrepreneurship and the B Corp movement. Recently, she acted as Logistics Manager for both BLD Western Canada 2018 and the Enlightened Economy Summit 2018.  As an aside, Brooke believes there is incredible potential for increased collaboration between the fields of business and science, especially with regards to research and development. For this reason, she is currently completing her Bachelor of Medical Laboratory Science at the University of British Columbia.

Brooke Thompson, BDC

Co-Communications Chair


Gabriela Passano, Wirefire

Co-Partnerships Chair


Shaemas Lal

Co-Membership Chair

Kateryna Pavlovska.jpg

Kateryna Pavlovska, Wirefire

Co-Partnerships Chair


Sandra Zalunardo, Silver Chef

Co-Membership Chair

Kristy O'Leary, Cove Continuity Advisors

Learning Chair

Sarah White, Fairware

Equity, Diversity, Inclusion Chair

Grant Conroy, Genus Capital Management